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Competitive Package Contains
Surcingle / Girth /Side reins

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How to measure for your girth

12" girth adjusts from 17" to 32"
18" girth adjusts from 23" to 38"
24" girth adjusts from 28" to 52"
take into account the actual surcingle measures 50 inches without the girth






    Skyline Competitive Surcingle

The Skyline Competitive vaulting surcingle will give your vaulters a distinct advantage through its refined grip style.
By seeking the input of several international competitors & coaches who have used nearly all of the available surcingle designs in the international competition ring, this list of most important points shaped the concept & design in our new surcingle and accessories.

            Parallel Grip Angle

Because most surcingles sit with a slight or significant tip backwards when placed on the horse, the parallel portion of most other grips end up tipped backwards as well. At the top of a handstand this actually forces the vaulters wrists backwards since the wrist joint is not able to bend that direction. Try this: Hold a pen in your hand and make a fist, now bend your wrist until the pen is parallel: how much further can you go now? As a result of this most vaulters at the top of the handstand have to let their wrists fall sideways on the handle and this leads to wrist problems. The Skyline Competitive surcingle fixes this problem by putting a deliberate forward tip on the parallel grips so that they end up tipped slightly forward or at least remain flat once on the horse. 

        Spacing of Bottom Supports

Most surcingles that are currently manufactured use two supports at the bottom side of each grip allow for easier balancing from above. However, in many mount and ground jump positions the extra width gets in the way. The Skyline Competitive has both of these supports, but places them closer together so that a mount such as the current Technical Test mount is: 1) much more comfortable, and 2) easier to have your body further forward.

          Not too big, not too small

The variety of different grips out there, and many other attempts people have made to make their own, has led to many designs that where “just a little off”. The grips on the Skyline Competitive have been carefully sized with much input and testing and all those involved in the process would like to assure you that these are “just right.”

Contoured Crank Girth and side reins are included.

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Colors Black or White 


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