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Power Turnout, All-in-One, Winter Turnout Rug, Classic Cut


The Power Turnout Range defines completely what it takes to earn the title of ‘Ultimate Turnout Rug’. By combining advanced materials and a unique design, this turnout rug stands alone in delivering exactly what you horse needs!

Classic Cut, High Performance Turnout Rug

  • All-in-One, with 470g Power Stay-Dry lining and insulation
    Optimal design for fit, comfort and ease of movement 

  • Innovative use of materials creates an in-built temperature control system

  • Waterproof and breathable fabric coated with aluminium which reflects body heat inwards while the outer silver color reflects unwanted solar heat away from the horse

  • Inner Power Stay-Dry lining transports moisture away from the horse while remaining dry during the drying process

  • Inner lining has a permanent Antibacterial treatment

  • Innovative front attachment system with patented "Fast Action" closure system.

  •  Stainless steel hardware with overlapping front with double padding.

  • Attachment points for optional neck extensions (purchase separately) 

    Waterproof & Breathable   Anti Bacterial & Anti Fungal   Heat Reflective

# 602
$ 378.00
Sizes 66-84"
Color Silver with Navy Trim

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