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Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Sheet         

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The unique Buzz-Off fly sheet is the same standard design as the regular Bucas neck neck blanket with shoulder darts for extra room and movement with an attached neck (which stays up without a halter). The neck overlaps in the front ad a bell pad is standard for further protection.

The fabric is a soft fine mesh ensuring that even the smallest of flies do not have access to your horse.

# 609   66"-84" Zebra Print
$ 158.00   free shipping applies

Matching Fly Mask
#651 S-M-L-XL Zebra Print
$ 28.00

    Researchers in Hungary and Sweden did an experiment where they put 4 life-sized horse models into a field coated with a sticky substance. One of the horse models was painted black, one was brown, one was white and one was painted to look like a zebra.

     Every two days, the researchers collected the flies from the horse models. At the conclusion of the experiment, the researchers found that the horse model painted with zebra stripes had the least number of flies.

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