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Celtic Stable Rug, Classic Cut


Voted best performing stable rugs, the Celtic Stable range offers superb performance with a strong outer shell and an extremely efficient wicking lining.

This Power Stay-Dry lining transports moisture away from the horse while remaining dry during the drying process. The lining also has a permanent Antibacterial treatment unique to the Power Range of rugs and blankets from Bucas.
Celtic Stable Rugs are lined with our Power Stay Dry lining which is treated with a permanent antibacterial treatment. Made with the same design as our other Classic Cut rugs.

Celtic Stable Classic rugs are available in a variety of insulation weights:
Wicking Stay Dry   Anti Bacterial & Anti Fungal
Light Weight 170 grams
# 637
$ 158.00
Sizes 66-84"
Tartan (Grey/Black/Blue)

Medium Weight 320 grams
# 636
$ 178.00
Sizes 66-84"
Tartan (Grey/Black/Blue)
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