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Danielle Kennedy aka "Danno" White Rock Sea Festival 2006   Photo Paul Townsend
Equestrian Vaulting
The art and sport of
gymnastics & dance on horseback!
Welcome to the spectacular art and sport of Equestrian Vaulting! Vaulting is the most natural and playful means of acquainting children to the horse. Children learn balance, develop strength and harmony with the horse, by improving their skill level they develop confidence and a healthy sense of self-esteem.
Like many equestrian sports today, vaulting began in the military where it developed in Germany in the late 18th century to help soldiers improve their riding skills. Today vaulting is a world-class sport with local, national and international competitions.
The club has 4 beautiful horses:

Sky's Sambuca (Spanish Norman) standing 17.0 hands,
Sky Soliel (Percheron-Morgan X) standing 15.0 hands,
Sky Walker (Percheron-Thoroughbred X) standing 17.0 hands,
Orbital Control (Percheron-Quarter Horse X) standing 17.3 hands
All of our horses have been carefully selected for their exceptional temperament and willing attitude.
Lessons Options
Lessons are available for children, teens and adults. Beginners start by learning simple moves in walk, then trot and progress to canter as they gain ability and confidence. Previous riding and/or gymnastic experience is not required, as we train it all. There is no need to purchase your own horse as all the children share the club's horses for this sport, which makes it very affordable.
Students are expected to help brush, tack up and cool the horse, as well as help with the barn duties after classes. They must learn the responsibility and respect to the horse that comes with this sport.
Students train once or twice per week always under the instruction of a enthusiastic trainer certified by the Equestrian Vaulting Association. The Sky Vaulters offer continuous year round indoor training, regular clinics and competitions.

 Classes are held on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  evenings @ 6:00 PM. Introductory try out sessions are available by appointment only.

It is mandatory that all participants  be a member of Horse Council BC
Junior $ 32.00, Senior $ 40.00 per year
Click here for Horse Council BC Membership Website 


We recommend starting children out on a recreational basis and see if they show the desire to compete. Everyone is taught correct vaulting this is for the safety and the true correctness of the sport.
Vaulting competitions are judged in much the same manner as figure skating and gymnastics. The competitors are required to perform the seven compulsory exercises and later a 60 second freestyle routine performed to music. Vaulters are not judged against each other but a internationally recognized standard.
The individual participating clubs all bring their own horses which are bathed, braided and immaculately groomed for the occasion. The children wear the club's signature purple leotard, special shoes that are flexible and lightweight, and everyone's hair is neatly pulled up.
Throughout training and competitions alike, willingness, cooperation and sportsmanship are the essential ingredients.
Another kind of performing is participating in demonstrations and exhibitions. The Sky Vaulters continue to draw attention to their performances and are regular guests at prominent horse shows and festivals throughout British Columbia.
Our vaulting performances have everything; beauty and brilliance, power and speed, elegance and precision. Spectators are awestruck by the harmony of the children and the horse as impressive gymnastic moves are performed gracefully on horseback.
Participating in these exhibitions gives us a chance to show the public our talents and promote this fascinating equestrian sport.
For more information about the Sky Vaulters, please contact:
Susan Barron, Coach
Skyline Stables
17811 96th Avenue
Surrey B.C. Canada
V4N 4A9
Tel: 604 588-0377
Fax: 604 588-0388
Email: susan@skylineequine.com

Our Beloved Sky's Silhouette has now retired from Vaulting after entertaining audiences around the province and being honored with the "Trooper Memorial Trophy" for being the top BC Canter horse at the 2006 Provincial Vaulting Championships.

Silly as more commonly known will travel to be with Romany in the spring where she can live out the rest of her years. 

May you prance on the soft clouds in heaven were your hooves will never be ouchy again,
We love & miss you Princess Sky.
Thank You Tauren for all the love you gave me ,
Now I miss you both very much!
XOXOXO Sky & Susan 

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