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Bucas Sizing and Product Information

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Which weight of turnout rug should I chose?

Bucas turnout rugs have a recommended temperature guide to help customers select the right rug for their requirements. When rugging your horse, you should take into consideration variable factors such as, wind, humidity, shelter, age of horse , clipped/unclipped horse. Bucas rugs range from 0g – 400g. Here's a quick overview of our most common turnout rugs:

Power Turnout Rain                        -5 to +16

Power Turnout 300g                       -25 to +13

Smartex Turnout 150g                   -10 to +12

Smartex Turnout 300g                   -20 to +10

Atlantic Turnout 200g                    -12 to + 8

Atlantic Turnout 400g                   -20 to + 5

Therapy Turnout 150g                  -10 to +12

Therapy Turnout 300g                   20 to +10

Irish Turnout 150g                           -5 to +10

Irish Turnout 300g                         -10 to + 8

Green Line Turnout 100g               -1 to +11

Green Line Turnout 300g             -10 to +8

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